Wednesday Wrap Up March 18

WednesdayWrapUpHWhile feeding a baby is one way to bond with baby, it’s not the only way. If partners are looking for a way to connect more with the baby here are some ideas: Ways to bond with baby without a bottle.

I get lots of questions about cloth diapering, but it’s been 20 years since I did cloth diapers and things have changed – for the better! But this site has a good overview of the whys, the hows and explains (with pictures) what the various kinds of diapers are.

Here’s a nice (though long) round up of labor positions across history. I find it fascinating that there is so much art out there depicting laboring and birthing moms.

I don’t know about the specific bras recommended, but I loved the tips on How To Pick a Nursing Bra. I strongly recommend if you’re going to get measured that you go to a place that is familiar with breastfeeding. Because a place like Victoria’s Secret will not have a clue about what works for breastfeeding!

Today’s video is a quick short review on induction for labor, from Lamaze International:

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