Wednesday Wrap Up Feb 25

Weekly Pregnancy and Birth LinksThis is a great overview of what you can do to create a physiologic birth for yourself. It’s not about your body, it is about the place and the people around you.

There’s a new infographic our from Lamaze, this one on Electronic Fetal Monitoring. Can Good Intentions Backfire in Labor? This link includes access to printables of all the Lamaze Infographics if you would like to make posters.

“I Had No Idea!” A list of unrealistic expectations about birth.

Episiotomy rates are going down, but could probably be reduced further since there is a large variation between hospitals and regions of the country.

Loved this article on the economic side of being a doula, and how things are all interrelated. A Free Doula Never Hurt Anyone, Right?

I may only have 3 children, but I’ve nursed all of these 15 Kinds of Nursing Babies

If you like good birth photography, take a look at the entries for the 2015 Birth Photo of the Year competition! There is some amazing work there and I think the judges will have a tough, tough job!

Once again, I’m striking out in the video search, and it’s late, and I’m tired. Got any recommendations for me?