Wednesday Wrap Up Feb 11

Wednesday Wrap-Up Graphic - Salt Lake City birth doulaIn the spirit of the holiday this week, here’s a list of names for babies born on Valentine’s Day. Surprisingly, Cupid is not on the list….

There are so many articles like this lately. I am really glad to have the conversation happening, I just wish that it wasn’t necessary. They Lied, it Does Matter How You Birth

I always talk about this in my classes, I think it is so important for couples to communicate about this and to be flexible and willing to make changes. Figuring out who does what around the house

ACOG and the SMFM have come up with a new standardized set of Levels of Maternal Care, and it includes out of hospital births and direct entry midwives. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the future of maternity care. There’s a good writeup over on Science and Sensibility.

Some good tips for partners to do for new moms.

Pregnant moms are not fragile, and exercise is very good. This article debunks many of the myths about exercise in pregnancy, including my biggest pet peeve on the topic: the myth of the 140 beats per minute rule.

My clients who use a women’s health physical therapist seem to have great results, and more long term benefits than working with other specialists.

This heart defect screening was recently implemented widely in my area, and I think it is a fantastic idea. It’s quick, non-invasive and I’ve seen it done with the baby in mom’s arms.

I usually include a video here, but today, I’ve got nothing! If you have a suggestion for a video you think is worthy of sharing, please post a link in the comments!