Wednesday Wrap Up February 4

WednesdayWrapUpPI love satire, and this made me laugh: Why More Women are Choosing Waterslide Birth

Yes, this. THIS is why I don’t like the terms “birth wishes” or “birth preferences” – we plan for other things in our lives, we can plan for birth, too! Stop Telling Women that Birth Plans are Pointless You can read more of my opinion on birth plans in my article The Birth Plan of Action

Heads up: There are actual babies coming out of actual vaginas in this link, so if that’s not something you like, skip this one. For those of you that can see the beauty in that moment, you’ll like these 11 Amazing Birth Photos of Half-Born Humans

Interesting post about an interesting book. The Only Baby Book You’ll Need Since my daughter goes to the university where the book’s author teaches, maybe I could persuade her to take a class from him and give me the notes….

Today’s video is the third of Lamaze International’s care practices. It happens to be one of my favorite care practices: Have Continuous Support. (hmmm….maybe it’s my favorite because I provide continuous labor support to the families I serve?)

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