Wednesday Wrap Up January 14

I don’t care much for the title, or the idea that you need to convert someone to your way of thinking, but this series of articles has some really good information on how to understand and work with professionals who have a different paradigm than you do. A little understanding goes a long way to building collaboration
How to Train Your Obstetrician Part 1
How to Train Your Obstetrician Part 2

All too often the partner gets forgotten in packing the birth bag. Here are some things dad needs to pack for labor

This is so very true. I am really tired of hearing care providers say “If it were my wife….” when they make recommendations. Your wife’s goals, values and experiences are different from this patient, and *completely irrelevant* as well. We even have one around here who likes to say “If it were my wife, I would not allow her to….” Anyway, sometimes it is nice to read someone shares my rants: Why The Golden Rule Doesn’t Apply In Health Care

I’ve been saying this for years: There’s No Such Thing as a “Natural Induction” Any attempt to make labor happen is an induction, period.

Today’s video is Everyday Miracles, one of my favorites!

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