Wednesday Wrap Up Jan 7

Wrap-up of current web linksIf you enjoy sarcasm, you might enjoy reading this: How to Wean Your Teenager

I’ll follow that up with 22 Examples of Birth Art – includes imagery from a wide variety of cultures, art styles, and time periods.

Illinois has passed a new law addressing the accommodations employers must make for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Here’s an excellent coping skill for all those oh-so-annoying and intrusive pregnancy questions from strangers: Almost Everyone Who Interacts With Pregnant Women is Drunk

One woman’s story about the intense pressure she had to have a cesarean, even when her baby was fine. Unfortunately, most first time moms in labor don’t have the background this mom does, or a handful of contacts in her phone to help her through.

One thing I think is really important is understanding that different care providers have different paradigms and ways of thinking about birth. While they are often called the “Medical Model” and the “Midwifery Model” it is entirely possible for individual care providers to have a worldview about maternity care that transcends the letters after their name. Each individual care provider should be taken as just that – an individual. This article pretty clearly outlines the two different views of maternity care.

Today’s video is a lovely home birth – a breech home birth.

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