Wednesday Wrap Up 12/24

If you are celebrating Christmas this week, I wish you a great day spent with people you love! Now on to the links!

Robin Elise Weiss gives Tips for a Disappointment Proof Birth Plan.

Loved this list: 10 Ways that C-Sections and Vaginal Births are the same – new moms have way more in common than how the baby came out, and paying attention to those commonalities can build support and connection in ways that dwelling on differences cannot.

Because it has come up twice already today with friends and neighbors: What’s the evidence for inducing for low amniotic fluid? Naturally this comes to mind…holiday inductions.

I’ll admit it, I’ve had a few pregnancy brain moments myself! The 18 most pregnancy brain things that ever happened.

This is such an important thing for new moms to grasp. It IS possible to take antidepressants when pregnant and/or breastfeeding. No question, it saves lives. A careful consideration of benefits and risks (including the risk of being miserable!) is the way to go, instead of a blanket “Don’t take anything while pregnant or breastfeeding” Mom’s Mental Health Matters!

10 Important truths about stress in pregnancy. I liked this article for it’s realistic but not the dreaded “lemme-tell-you-how-much-it-sucks” attitude.

A few holiday funnies:

The 12 Hours of Labor (my doula gave to me)
‘Twas the Night Before Labor

Today’s video is appropriate for the holiday this week. The birth story of a baby elf-on-the-shelf.

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