Wednesday Wrap Up December 17

WednesdayWrapUpOThis doctor is absolutely right – the antagonism from doctors needs to end in order to increase safety for birthing women. I’d add that midwives need to give up their antagonism of doctors as well. True respect and collaboration from ALL providers can only make birth better for women.

I’ve been doing occasional public tours at my hospital for a couple years now, and not once have I been asked any of these questions – but I really wish people *would* ask them! They apply to individual care providers just as much.

Here’s what delayed cord clamping looks like in photos, courtesy of my friend Morag Hastings – a doula and birth photographer in Vancouver British Columbia

Loved this article from an IBCLC on tongue tie. It’s the diagnosis that is everywhere these days, but is probably overdiagnosed. Especially on social media! (Tip: No one should be diagnosing over social media…)

The New York Times Editorial Board speaks out on midwifery.

Today’s Video is the second in Lamaze International’s Six Healthy Birth Practices: Walk, Move and Change Positions.

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