Wednesday Wrap Up December 10

WednesdayWrapUpJIn case you were wondering what to get the new mom in your life:

You can look forward to new, more informative labeling on medication use in pregnancy and breastfeeding thanks to new labeling requirements from the FDA.

Using humor to deal with the changes in postpartum bodies.

One family practice doctor describes her shift from doctor knows best, one size fits all care to individualized woman to woman care.

A tale of two hospitals. Interesting article by Christine Morton about the new graphic put out by the California HealthCare Foundation looking at how different hospital care can be across various regions, and even within the same area.

An interesting idea…can you tell the baby’s sex by where the placenta is in the uterus? Since all the data and scans were done by the same person, I’d want to see a much larger study done with many different sonographers before I’d believe it.

The Wall Street Journal reports on the trend of hospitals dropping VBACs.

Today’s video is a good tip for laboring in the hospital. You can absolutely do all these things outside the magical laboring cave, but the privacy that cave gives you is unparalleled!

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