Wednesday Wrap Up December 3

WednesdayWrapUpGI’ve found this to be very true. The moms who practiced yoga in their pregnancies did very well in labor. The best thing I did to prepare for labor

8 Practical Tips for Staying Limp and Loose in Labor – a great list of partners to keep in their pocket and sneak a peek when they notice any tension.

Great list of Questions to Ask About Induction – I’d add “How will the induction be done?” and “Why do you think this method is best for me?” to the list.

And if you do decide an induction is appropriate, some good tips for surviving an induction. Particularly appropriate if you had planned a spontaneous labor but had to change to an induced labor.

Some tips for keeping your newborn healthy over the winter. Leaves off what I would consider the #1 thing you can do: breastfeed! But these are good secondary measures.

Very fun seasonal parody: Twas the Night Before Labor

Today’s video shows some good positions for labor and gives some understanding about why those positions are helpful for labor.

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