Wednesday Wrap Up Nov 26

WednesdayWrapUpAToday is *almost* as much a holiday in my family as tomorrow is for most Americans. Today is Lythgoe Baking Day! My girls love to bake, so does my mother-in-law. So we spend all day baking fresh pies, rolls, and cinnamon buns. And then we all go out to dinner!

One of my favorite sites, Evidence Based Birth, has a new paper out: What is the Evidence For Inducing Labor if Water Breaks at Term? There is also a follow up interview with the author over at Science and Sensibility.

Some questions to ask yourself if you’re thinking about having your mother at your birth. Should Your Mother Be At Your Birth?

Something to keep in mind for the upcoming holidays: Due Dates, Inductions and the Holidays – My second daughter was due Christmas Day, and I remember that the office staff started talking induction at my very first prenatal visit! (And no, I didn’t get induced…) I did a birth on Monday, and was pleasantly surprised that the unit was not jam packed with inductions! I had thought it would be on the Monday before Thankgiving.

This has been making the rounds, but in case you’ve missed it, a fun parody of a popular song, turned into a breastfeeding education song! I’m Bringing Boobies Back!

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