Wednesday Wrap Up November 19


Interesting post on lip ties: are they red herrings or root causes? I’ll admit I’ve wondered this quite a bit, as lip and tongue ties seem to be the “trendy” diagnosis the way that reflux was a decade ago.

Loved this post on Mothering an Angry Child. I’ve got one of these, and it’s tough.

We see lots of posts on how to know you have a bad care provider, but I liked these 12 Signs you Can Trust Your Care Provider

I don’t love the title of the series, but this interview has some great information on pelvic floor dysfunction.

This excellent older post on Balancing the Risks of Induction has been updated with current research. It’s a good look at the risks of waiting AND the risks of induction, so that parents can find their own balance.

I’m excited to announce a new project of mine, launching today, designed to help new doulas find paying certification births while simultaneously helping parents in need of a low cost doula find one. Right now it is limited to just Utah. Utah Doulas in Training Registration for doulas starts today, marketing towards parents starts Dec 1!

Because I renewed my Lamaze Educator certification this week (hooray for another 3 years!) and because I love them so much, I thought I’d share the first of Lamaze International’s videos on the Healthy Birth Practices: Let Labor Begin on its Own:

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