Wednesday Wrap Up November 5

WednesdayWrapUpGGreat info laid out nicely on what you should wear in labor.

Nice infographic on How to Write Your Birth Story I always recommend parents write their birth story as soon as possible after their birth. Your doula might write a story for you, but YOUR version is far more important, and accurate. Your baby might be interested to read the doula’s notes, but reading their parent’s recollections and emotions will be far more meaningful.

20 tips on better sleep in the third trimester. Well, 19 tips, really, since Tip 20 is “just accept it” and that doesn’t get you better sleep…

Great piece on expectations and being gentle with yourself as you adapt to the role of a parent or adjust to adding a new baby into your family. It’s not easy, and idealistic images and pressure to “bounce back” don’t help, either.

Some ideas for good snacks in labor and why you might want to eat.

Today’s video is from Cynthia Jaffe, a midwife’s reflections on her career:

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