Wednesday Wrap Up 10-29

Web Links on Pregnancy, Childbirth, Postpartum and BreastfeedingIf you’re pregnant and want to incorporate your belly into a costume, there are lots of ideas out there. Some creative and funny, some kinda creepy…
How to Have a Pregnant Halloween
20 Easy DIY Pregnant Halloween Costumes
13 Super Easy DIY Pregnant Halloween Costumes

They go around every Halloween, but in case you haven’t seen them….10 Halloween Pregnancy Pumpkins

OK enough holiday stuff, back to the regular birth-and-baby stuff!

Loved the 7 Bs in this article The Real Truth After Having a Baby

We need to talk about obstetric violence – great article about autonomy and decision making in birth. Does a great job of not making it into a “this kind of care is bad, this kind of care is good” dichotomy.

A great read: The Romanticized Myth of What Constitutes Successful Breastfeeding One person making an apology for perpetuating the myth that successful breastfeeding and bottle feeding are not compatible. I’ve always taught in my breastfeeding classes that women get to define their own version of “successful breastfeeding” – there is no universal definition.

Why Every Newborn You See is Wrapped in the Same Baby Blanket

If you need a laugh, some hilariously captioned stock photos about parenting.

I’m really looking forward to watching the possibility of a national certification for doulas come about. Amy Gilliland is exploring the possibility in a series of posts on her blog right now, and this week she talks about the tension between different kinds of doulas and how certification might balance that dynamic tension.

OK, ok, I have ONE more Halloween thing. A short, cute pregnancy announcement with a pumpkin theme:

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