Wednesday Wrap Up 10/15

WednesdayWrapUpPGreat article on why it is important to be a proactive decision maker in your birth, and not just “go with the flow”. Because if you do that, you never know which “flow” you’ll get caught up in! A favorite quote “While we can’t control childbirth, we certainly can have a level of control over the environment we are birthing in, made possible by the knowledge we bring to the birth, the support we have around us, and the ability to ask the right questions. Once these things are in place, it becomes time to go with the flow—but with a different focus. Once a woman has this additional information and support, it becomes the flow of birth we are going with, not the flow of birth as dictated by an institution or a particular carer.”

Do you sniff babies whenever you get the chance?

This month overall, and today in particular is for commemorating and remembering those who have experienced infant loss. It’s a tough topic, but one that cannot be ignored. It happens hearrtbreakingly often. As a photographer for Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, I have gone into the rooms of many families experiencing loss. It isn’t an easy thing to do, but I hope that the work I do there is a comfort to families. It feels like I can do SOMETHING to help. If you feel like you want to help care for families experiencing loss, Robin Elise Weiss has compiled a great list of Ideas for Commemorating Infant Loss Month.

Today’s video is a great birth story – a combination of stills and video. It comes from birth photographer Emily Robinson in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. She calls it “Son of a Surfing Legend” After watching the video, go check out her blog post on the family for some equally amazing maternity, birth and newborn photos.

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