Wednesday Wrap Up Oct 8

WednesdayWrapUpOGBS is an interesting topic to me, one that I have a lot of thoughts about. I’ve actually had a blog post on the topic brewing in my head for a few years now, maybe I’ll actually finish it someday! Here’s a current look at the research and what it tells us – about as clear as mud!

An interesting look at fear in birth – and this isn’t the usual “Don’t be afraid, because fear is bad for you” article! A favorite quote from the article: “Be afraid enough of birth to prepare well for it. Respect birth enough to recognize the awe inspiring power that it yields. Love birth enough to embrace the process while at the same time letting go of some of the power we think we have over this.”

Loved this quote: “There is no correct way to birth, or to behave during birth.” Women often come to my classes wanting to know what they should do. I try to help them learn and trust that they can follow their body’s signals through their birth, and open their eyes to some possibilities they may never have considered. But I try not to tell them what they “should” do! One thing that sometimes inhibits moms from feeling the freedom to do this, is feeling judged. So how about we (as a society) stop judging birth?

I have noticed a tendency towards this, too. I am absolutely glad that a family centered cesarean is an option for moms who need a cesarean, but if a mom is wanting a VBAC, why would you suggest a cesarean instead? (Even if it is “family centered”) A Family Centered Cesarean is No Substitute for VBAC. When a woman says she wants a VBAC, let’s stay focused on her goal, K?

It’s National Midwifery Week! I thought about making this week’s WWU all about midwives, but my friend Sharon over at Science and Sensibility did it so well I’ll just link to hers.

I found today’s video on Sharon’s post, but I really like it! Midwives Diner

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