Wednesday Wrap Up Oct 1

Wrap-up of current web linksAn interesting approach to working through a difficult birth experience. Rewriting your birth story. Certainly not the answer for everyone, but it may help some.

This week, the World Health Organization spoke out about disrespect and abuse in facility based childbirth. The four page statement is well worth the read! (And if you think this is a third world problem, you’re right. But it’s everywhere else, too. I know I have witnessed it right here in Utah.)

An interesting look at what happens when women know more about prenatal testing.

Lots of very interesting step by step photos showing the emergence of a baby from the mom. Clearly show baby turning, crowning, etc. So much better than the posters I’ve seen that look like babies have four heads!

A funny for you: What Pregnancy is Like, According to Stock Photos.

I’ve posted a video like this before, but Gene Declerq has updated his fantastic video “Birth By the Numbers” – it’s 20 minutes but well worth the time to get to know the current state of maternal health in the United States!

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