Wednesday Wrap Up September 10

Wednsday Wrap Up Graphic - Utah birth doulaWe will start off with a great list of things mothers should know about giving birth. I particularly like #5.

Nice photo essay about the midwives at The Farm.

It is missing “Take a really good childbirth class” but these are pretty good ideas for what to do when you’re due.

Some basic information on the current definitions of early term, full term, late term and post term. Also explains why you should care!

5 Basic Ways to relieve labor pain

Privacy and choosing your birth team carefully are both important for a smooth labor. I would add to these suggestions that you turn off your cell phone and don’t post to social media that you are in labor to avoid having a million calls and texts interrupting you or uninvited family members showing up at the hospital. (It happens!)

I liked this explanation of cervical dilation (and everything else the cervix does, too!)

Today I have a lovely birth video from my friend Sarah Boccolucci a birth photographer in Denver Colorado. I hope you enjoy it!

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