Wednesday Wrap Up September 3

Web links on pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and parentingI find this fascinating, and will be watching to see the results of the research: New Simple Test for Pre-eclampsia. I also wonder how/if it interacts with the idea of eating lots of protein to prevent and counteract Pre-E.

A good article on medications and drugs in pregnancy from Consumer Reports.

It didn’t exactly “blow my mind” but these things babies do in the womb are interesting.

As a Lamaze certified CBE, I really liked seeing this article: 10 Things You Should Know About Lamaze

There are the BEST breastfeeding cover-ups!

Who would have thought I’d ever be linking to the What to Expect site, but they actually have a nice little collection of quotes about labor paired with photos of moms and babies.

Today’s video is a lovely birth photographed by my friend Robin Baker of Birth Blessings Photography in San Diego, CA. I love the look of surprise on mom’s face as she sees her baby weighed!

The Birth of Bennett from Birth Blessings Photography on Vimeo.

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