Wednesday Wrap Up August 27

Wednesday Wrap-Up Graphic - Salt Lake City Private Childbirth ClassesA fun song lyric parody “Do You Want to Be a Doula?” – to the tune of “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” from Frozen

Recently there has been a lot of hullabaloo over a new book on how to train your baby to sleep through the night by a few weeks old. Never mind that it flies in the face of decades of research showing it to be unhealthy and bad for breastfeeding, it’s going viral. I recommend that instead you read more about what normal and healthy sleep looks like in a newborn:
Stanford University has a good article on newborn sleep.
Another great article on how babies develop a circadian rhythm that helps them sleep better at night.
This article talks about using bed sharing as a way to meet those normal newborn sleep needs and do it safely.

This article has some interesting food for thought. I’m so impatient I doubt I would have waited if I wanted to!

This is such a cute idea for a child’s gift. I would totally do it if my kids were not too old for it, and if I had any crafty skills at all! Mini Midwife Kit

A lovely, fast birth from Ceci Jane, including a lovely family herbal bath – even big sister gets in!

Kalleigh Faith from Ceci Jane on Vimeo.

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