Wednesday Wrap Up August 20

WednesdayWrapUpASo it’s the first day of school here, and in all the hullabaloo I almost forgot to post this week’s wrap-up!

Great list of ideas to speed up a slow labor. The last paragraph is vitally important, I only wish it was bolded and in 20 point type!

This is a nice collection of tips: 7 Things Your Doula Should Tell You

I’m always reminding families to pack things for the partner in labor as well as for the laboring mom. Here’s a list of ideas for packing for partners.

A nice tutorial on creating a visual birth plan. I don’t know that this is the best way to do it, but it definitely would stand out from other birth plans the staff sees!

One woman’s story about feeding her baby: Exclusive Pumping Moms Exist, Too

And in the “shameless self promotion” department…
I was published over at Science and Sensibility this week on the topic of avoiding plagiarism and content theft in your blogging and marketing.
I’m also featured as the Member Spotlight over at Lamaze International!
If you are local, consider coming to the Perinatal Professionals Conference in Salt Lake City Sept 25-26. I’ll be presenting on using the peanut ball in labor.

Today’s video is a short video showing some labor massage techniques:

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