Wednesday Wrap Up August 6

Wrap-up of current web links

Henci Goer reviews a recent study on non-pharmacologic (anything not drug) pain techniques in labor.

This has been pretty much everywhere on the internet the past week or so, but in case you missed it: Man’s wife refuses to take maternity photos, so he posed for them himself.

I loved this great article on nurses and doulas working together and understanding their different roles and stressors. I’ve found taking a collaborative approach has worked very well, and that the vast majority of nurses are pretty great at their jobs.

This is interesting: A World Where We Didn’t Need Doulas – sounds good to me!

OK this totally cracked me up!

On a more serious note, my friend Leilani Rogers started a group of photographers to take and share photos of moms nursing in public as a way of normalizing it. Her story has been picked up by many outlets, including the Huffington Post!

Todays’ video is a compilation from dozens of birth photographers around the world. My photo is the second one in the slideshow, immediately after after the show’s title.

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