Wednesday Wrap Up June 4

WednesdayWrapUpCWow, it’s June already? This year is flying by, must mean I am having fun!

A doula finds how for herself just how hard it is to advocate for yourself with a care provider.

Interesting article on using sound as a labor technique. SO many people think that if you’re “in control” or “laboring well” that means you are quiet. Not so! Sound can be a great technique to use. I loved how good it felt to get a nice vibrating sensation in my throat and chest as I labored with my last.

This article sums up my feelings about placenta encapsulation fairly well. I’m not convinced, and since it is not an evidenced based practice, I personally take a neutral stance on it. I won’t recommend it, but I fully support any mom who chooses it.

The Well Rounded Mama looks at a study showing that obese women should not be risked out of midwifery care.

Here’s a fun pair of links! A year ago, my friend and fellow birth photographer Emily Robinson captured a birth that came a little earlier than planned. On the sidewalk just outside the hospital! The original photos went viral and it was fun to see all the attention on birth photography. Well, that baby recently turned 1, and the family went back to the hospital to take some photos at the very spot, including some fun recreations of the original photos.

Today’s video is a pregnancy time lapse + home birth unlike any you’ve seen before!

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