Wednesday Wrap Up May 21

WednesdayWrapUpAUnderstand what breastfeeding supplies and support are covered under the new Affordable Care Act with this handy toolkit from the National Womens’ Law Center. It includes helps for when you encounter trouble getting coverage for things that should be covered. Sadly, some insurance companies are trying to avoid covering breastfeeding supplies and support.

Really looking forward to seeing what this group comes up with! The Evidence Based Birth Writing Group Retreat

A very simple, very true concept for new moms. Wish it wasn’t so hard to really put into practice!

Another great article on writing a birth plan.

Well, I knew all of these, but that’s because I am a doula! 10 Things You Might Not Know About Doulas

If you’re a birth professional, this might make you laugh as hard as I did.

A beautiful birth video this week from Laura at Crowned Photography, based in Seattle:

The birth of Everly Jane | Crowned Birth Photography from crownedbirthphotography on Vimeo.

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