Wednesday Wrap Up 5-14

Wednesday Wrap-Up Graphic - Salt Lake City birth doula I don’t like how rigid and absolute the tone of this article is – but it is interesting to see an article like this is Psychology Today – a look at developmental research and the author’s Five Things NOT to do to Babies.

Some excellent tips on preparing meals for postpartum from a birth and postpartum doula.

It’s a bit of a tough read, but Henci Goer wrote a piece updating what has changed (hint: not nearly enough!) since the Ladies Home Journal Article “Cruelty in Maternity Wards” was published 55 years ago. I can’t find the original article online, but can read snippets of it here. If you know of a place where the original article can be found, please let me know! One small quibble with Henci’s article, the waiting room sign disallowing birth plans and doulas is here in Utah, not Colorado.

The New York Times blog talks about some of the factors in our health care system itself that contribute to the cesarean rate, and some systemic approaches that might cut back on the cesarean rate.

Consumer Reports is even addressing the cesarean rates by publishing rates on a hospital by hospital basis. Unfortunately, the actual data is available only to subscribers. There is a free .pdf summary which ranks them as better to worse, but not actual numbers. You can try your state health department to see if they publish the data for free, or see if has gotten around to publishing your state hospital’s rates.

Loved this discussion on pain and how our expectations and thoughts can impact pain perception.

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