Wednesday Wrap Up May 7

On the heels of this story, one woman decided to do whatever it took to hide her pregnancy from Google. Turns out it was harder and more expensive than she thought it would be!

A baby themed subversive cross stitch.

Great comparison of many of the kinds of birth pools available to moms planning waterbirth.

Nice to see a home water birth presented so positively in the mainstream media!

With Mother’s Day coming up, many organizations are raising money to help improve outcomes for moms and babies. Here are some of them you might be interested in.

Every Mother Counts
Save the Children Includes the 2014 “State of the World’s Mothers” report – a very interesting read.
The March of Dimes has an annual Mother’s Day event: March for Babies

I’ve seen some, but not all, of these positions used with moms who have an epidural. I wish more nurses and doctors were open to trying them, I think they would help many women:

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