Wednesday Wrap Up 3/26

Web links for birthdayIt’s my birthday week, so my baby picture is making a comeback in the Wednesday Wrap Up graphic. I have been a doula for 15 year this summer, and I have always wanted to attend a birth on my birthday, so far no such luck! But tomorrow is the day so maybe this is my year?!?

This. This explains why I am a doula, even when it is hard. Hint: It’s not because I “love babies” like everyone thinks it is.

I loved this story about women supporting each other in feeding their child. A wonderful perspective from a mom who has both formula fed and breastfed.

Some ideas for nourishing foods to try in Pregnancy, Labor and Delivery. I’m a little curious about the groaning cake. Anyone want to bake me one? It *is* my birthday tomorrow…

A beautiful letter to an expectant first time mom.

I’ve always encouraged new parents to think carefully about who they invite to their birth. Because it can make a difference in their experience. Don’t let anybody bully you into having them there.

And to celebrate my birthday…this is the song that was at the top of the Billboard charts the week I was born. Interestingly enough, I did a birth almost two years ago where mom listened to this song on repeat the entire time, so it isn’t MY birth it reminds me of, it reminds me of that family and the little girl who came into this world hearing it!

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