Wednesday Wrap Up 3/12

WednesdayWrapUpALoved this article, it resonated with me on so many different levels. It is a large part of why I like to call my classes “non-denominational” classes: It’s not the Method, It’s the Mother!

A tough question of a childbirth educator to answer is “What Does Labor Feel Like?“. Honest, realistic (and not overblown for drama) thoughts here, and read the comments for more perspective, too. I promise it is way more helpful than anything Bill Cosby ever said…

I love the idea of a Mother Blessing instead of the traditional baby shower. More supportive and less fearmongering. Here is a list of possible ideas for a mother blessing.

10 ideas for the nausea in pregnancy (which is often far more constant than just “morning sickness”) Plus one more that sounds better than the previous 10.

Basic vocabulary is definitely something expectant parents need to learn. But what does it say when a L&D nurse has 5 Basic Labor Vocabulary Terms and only ONE of them is actually about physiologic birth? Four of the five are about medical interventions! (Dusts off keyboard to write my OWN Basic Labor Vocabulary Terms post…)

Today’s video is about a new labor support tool I’m adding to my birth bag this month: The Peanut Ball.

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