Wednesday Wrap Up 3/5

Wednesday Web LinksToday is National IBCLC day! If you don’t know what an IBCLC is, you should know that these Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultants are the best, most thoroughly trained option for professional breastfeeding support. These ladies (and a few gentlemen as well) really know their stuff. Learn more here: IBCLE

Science and Sensibility has a fun quiz about IBCLCs and their scope of practice. I got a perfect score, go see how you do!

You can see some of my favorite local IBCLCs here.

Still confused about the different kinds of support out there? Finding the Right Type of Breastfeeding Support

What to Expect at a consultation with an IBCLC – sometimes women are not sure what will happen when they work with an IBCLC, this article explains it very well.

A collection of success stories from women working with IBCLCs.

And to wrap up the breastfeeding theme…I remember seeing this on Sesame Street when I was a kid! Really takes me back, and I wonder how well it might go over if Sesame Street tried to do the same today!

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