Wednesday Wrap Up 2/26

WednesdayWrapUpGDid you hear? ACOG and SMFM came out with a Obstetric Care Consensus Guideline on how to reduce the primary cesarean rate. It’s a pretty big deal. You can read more about it here:
Actual Guidelines here
Press Release
Science and Sensibility discussion by Judith Lothian
Giving Birth With Confidence looks at what it means for parents.
NPR Interviews an OB/GYN on what it will mean for his practice.
Lamaze has created an infographic encouraging parents to learn about and use these new guidelines.

In other news this week:
Loved this article about baby led latch. I think all too often we jump in too soon and don’t give newborns a chance to use their instincts to feed, making it harder on ourselves than it needs to be.
Some pregnancy and birth affirmations. Look these over and use the ones you like, adapt them as needed, or write your own!
And here are a few more to work with: Mantras to Get Through Birth.
Loved this so, so much: Just because someone had a bad birth doesn’t mean everybody else will
Interesting discussion of the idea of breastfeeding being “selfish” What’s so crazy about a woman enjoying breastfeeding?

And in honor of the last link, I thought I’d share a video that has been making the rounds lately. I apologize in advance if the catchy tune gets stuck in your head and ruins your day:

Ruin Your Day – Sparrow Folk from GCNelson on Vimeo.

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