Wednesday Wrap-Up 2/19

WednesdayWrapUpCIf anyone ever tells you “You are Not Strong Enough” – do not believe them!

On a funny note, 9 historical methods of detecting pregnancy.

I’ve always laughed at the Monty Python sketch “The Machine that Goes PING!” – but this article does such a great job of comparing it to real life I think it is a good read.

I was planning to do a post exactly like this over on my Understanding Research site, but today I noticed that Giving Birth With Confidence beat me to it. And saved me some work! Evaluating the Research on Home Birth

Nice collection of 14 tips to avoid a cesarean.

Hilarious. And while I can’t say every man or partner goes through ALL of these stages, I have seen many of them over the years! 14 Stages Men Go Through While Their Wives Give Birth

A nice summation of the state of birth in the US – and what needs to happen to fix it.

Four excellent questions to ask a care provider when interviewing someone to care for you. (You DO interview before hiring, right?)

Why do providers move due dates? If your provider tells you they want to change your due date, ask questions! Make sure you understand and agree to the change. I’ve seen changed due dates wreak all kinds of havoc as the end of pregnancy draws near.

Today’s video is a TEDx talk I came across from a former student of mine at the Midwives College of Utah. April Kline is a practicing midwife now, as well as a massage and craniosacral therapist. She discusses the lessons learned from laboring women and midwifery.

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