Are the nurses nice?

Nurses assisting a laboring person during pushing

Labor and Delivery NurseI get this question pretty often. I wish there was a solid answer. But the truth is (wait for it….blockbuster truth coming!)

Nurses are people, just like you and I.

And just as with ANY group of people, there are a wide range of personalities in nurses. There are some absolutely fantastic nurses out there! And there are some nurses who are burned out on the job. There are plenty of nurses in between as well.

And after all THAT variety, nurses are human, with moods. Sometimes you’ll get a nurse who is feeling great. She got a good night’s sleep, her kids behaved today, and she’s happy to be at a job she loves. The next week, that same nurse might have had a difficult night up with a sick kid, just got over an illness, and is caring for a mom having a stillbirth down the hall.

And after all THAT variety, sometimes it simply is a good personality match where the nurse and the parents have a similar sense of humor, share a connection (went to the same high school, have mutual friends, etc.) and have an easy camaraderie. Sometimes it is not a good match, and the nurse doesn’t get the mom’s jokes, or finds dad’s T-shirt offensive, etc.

So the fact of the matter is that there is no way at all to say that the nurses at a specific hospital are “nice” or “not nice”.

(The same thing applies to “Are the doctors at XYZ OB Practice nice?”)

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