Wednesday Wrap Up 1/22

Web links on pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and parentingI’ve seen lots of clever maternity shirts, but this is a first. Maternity shirt for dads.

I love it when my love of photography and my love of birth coincide. And today I came across this on one of my favorite photography blogs: Preparing for Birth: A Personal Photography Project

Nice rundown of the Hormones of Birth.

Nice series on 10 Decisions New Parents need to make. I appreciate the pros and cons given for both, if not quite unbiased. Definitely a good starting place for you to research further:
Part 1
Part 2

Nice list of things dads, partners or other postpartum helpers or can do to help breastfeeding run more smoothly. I’d say the last one really should be the first one. And maybe the only one. It’s really the best one on the list! (And moms, it only works if you do your part, too!)

Today’s video is…. (sigh) I’m running out of ideas. So instead of having a video for you today, I’m going to ask you to link to one of your favorites in the comments.

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