Wednesday Wrap-Up 1/15

Wednesday Wrap-Up Graphic - Salt Lake City Private Childbirth ClassesThought provoking piece on the Doula-As-Savior Myth, with perspective from both the birth professional and the client.

A form of pain relief for labor that is very common elsewhere in the world might be making an appearance in your neighborhood soon. Well, it probably already is in your local dentist’s office, but will you be seeing it in labor and delivery any time soon? Laughing Gas for Labor?

An interesting look at why hospitals have varying cesarean rates. It’s not simply risk level or population, but the culture of the hospital as well.

While there is no doubt that most women do feel pain during birth – sometimes significant pain – I don’t agree that childbirth pain is the worst pain possible. In fact, here are 8 things that women say hurt worse than childbirth. I love that “induced labor” is on the list. Because it is a whole different animal than a spontaneous labor.

We often think of sitting on the birth ball, or maybe leaning over it. But there is so much more. 5 Great Ways to Use a Birth Ball.

A lovely first person account of coming back and feeling normal again after postpartum depression.

Today’s video is a 3D animation of how a baby develops in the womb. Very interesting to see how the baby looks and changes as it grows:

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