Wednesday Wrap Up 1/8

Salt Lake City DoulaThis is a beautiful description of doula work.

Here’s a nontraditional labor technique: Look Like a Pirate!

A funny way to think about all the advice you’ll get about parenting. Not sure I’d advocate her methods, but it will probably make you laugh!

The photographer in me loves seeing the beauty of motherhood captured realistically.

Can you handle more photography-meets-parenthood? Project Breastfeeding uses professional portraits of actual nursing moms and their families to normalize breastfeeding.

An interesting discussion of personal choice, autonomy and legal risk.

In a world where parenting meets Pinterest, I loved this article reminding moms that their mothering does not need to be “Pinteresting” – just loving and caring.

Think carefully about how you identify yourself as a mother. If you define yourself too much by the way you parent your baby, what happens when your baby outgrows your “cloth-diapering, breastfeeding mom” label?

Today, instead of a video, I have a song for you. A new parent’s version of “Royals” by Lourde:

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