Wednesday Wrap Up 1/1/2014

Weekly Web Links for the Childbearing YearIt’s 2014! A new year, a fresh start. And 2014 will mark my 15th year as a doula! How should I celebrate?

On to the links!

In honor of the new year, I’ve shared my 2014 Excel spreadsheet for tracking doula business expenses.

A doula’s tips for family and friends invited to the birth. I have a similar post – a letter I originally wrote to my brother in law on how to support my sister at her birth.

A moving response to the comment “Babies Ruin Bodies” – so, so wonderfully put!

Nice list of 12 Benefits of Breastfeeding for Both Mother and Baby. There are plenty more, of course. Which ones would YOU add to the list?

Today’s video is a short clip depicting a single breastfeeding mom. I didn’t love the way it kept moving in and out of focus, but I loved the small details captured – mom stroking the newborn’s ear, the tiny hands and toes. What a sweet memory this video must be for the mother!

Breastfeeding with love from EVANLEE82 on Vimeo.

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