Wednesday Wrap-up Dec 18

Weekly Web Links for the Childbearing YearInspiring collection of “big baby” birth stories. The Big Baby Project

Hospitals charging $6000 *more* for a spontaneous labor? It happened to this Denver couple!

What a clever, clever idea for a fundraising calendar! Home Birth Dads

Why I NEVER wanted a birth photographer – loved this article from a mom who “accidentally” hired a birth photographer – and loved it!

Some of the locations are a bit off from what I would expect (Rebozos are NOT from Iceland!) but this is still a good list of ways women manage labor pain around the world.

A chiropractor looks at his view of the difference between babywearing and car seat carrying.

Interesting – boys and girls may get different breastmilk.

It’s not even in English, but this short commercial tells a lovely story about parenthood!

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