Wednesday Wrap Up 12/11

Wednsday Wrap Up Graphic - Utah birth doula Because 16 years ago today I learned how strong I was when I gave birth unmedicated for the first time, I thought I’d share a link to my own birth story: Callie’s Birth

Loved reading this article on male doulas. Never understood why anyone would think it was OK to dismiss an entire gender from a career. Would outrage people if someone said “Women can’t be {insert any profession here}” – so why do it to men?

Interesting discussion on how maternal diet can impact babies. I was a little disturbed by the headline – as the study seemed to say that GOOD habits can be passed on as well. (But the whole “mother-blaming-and-shaming” phenomenon is a rant for another post.) I remember reading a similar article about horses years ago when my oldest daughter was a horse-obsessed tween who subscribed to Young Rider. She brought it to me and told me I needed to read this article about horse breastfeeding and how horses learned which plants were safe to eat based on what was a familiar taste from breast milk. Remove a “safe” food from the nursing mom’s diet, and the foal will forever refuse to eat it! Ah…memories (and sorry for the tangent…)

I sometimes hear from moms a few weeks or months after the birth. Speaking in a whisper, they will confess that they have had thoughts that disturb them. Thoughts that they feel guilty for having. Thoughts that won’t go away. It’s far more common than most people realize, because nobody talks about it. Here’s a great article on it, and what to do if the thoughts become obsessive or intrusive.

This is what happens when birthy people make gingerbread people.

Today’s video is a birth film by my friend Kalli of Kalimana Films. Kallli is originally from Utah but is based in Murfreesboro TN now. It is a happy cesarean birth with the cutest big sister EVER. I love the moment of her giving the new baby a kiss and talking on the phone to announce her sister’s birth. To see more, follow her on her Facebook Page!

Helton baby boy by Kalimana from Kalli Pavon on Vimeo.

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