Wednesday Wrap Up 11/20

Roundup of great web linksChoosing a nursing bra can be hard. I always emphasize that a bra that you can open and close with one hand (because you’ll have a baby in your other arm) is crucial. This article addresses the 5 biggest mistakes women make when buying a nursing bra.

My friend Morag Hastings teamed up with Birth Without Fear to show the gradual emergence of a crowning baby. So generous of this first time mom to share these images!

Love seeing advice like this in the mainstream media!

“How in the world could she not know?” is a common comment after hearing stories like these:
Kendra Reid Gives Birth Without Knowing She Was Pregnant
Don’t you hate it when you’re training for a big race and you unexpectedly have a baby?
Mom of Twins Didn’t Know She was Pregnant Until One Baby Came Out

I’ve always just replied that denial can be a powerful, powerful thing. In this article, Kathy Morelli outlines one possible reason mom might not be conscious of her pregnancy.

If you’re looking for an uplifting read, check out Tell Me A Good Birth Story.

Loved this article on How to Care for a Woman Who Has Had A C-section. – very respectful and practical.

Today’s video is a biography of a pioneering nurse midwife from South Carolina, Maude Callen:

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