Wednesday Wrap Up 11-13

WednesdayWrapUpBLovely, touching, and REAL portraits of new moms.

The term “false labor” has always bothered me. If mom is experiencing contractions, if she’s feeling things are happening, it’s really cruel to tell her it is “false” – her body is doing SOMETHING, her experience is very real. Bugs me when it gets dismissed as “false”. And now I read that I’m not the only one who thinks “There’s no such thing as false labor”.

10 different responses when you feel pressured to consent to something that feels wrong. I have always reminded my clients “polite but firm” and most of these can fit that criteria, if delivered in the right tone of voice.

When does your doula’s opinion matter? When does it not matter? Interesting article by Heidi on doulas and their opinions. Lots of food for thought for both parents and doulas.

An interesting discussion of fear and birth. I’ve noticed such a huge trend lately to try and eliminate fear in birth – the whole “Birth Without Fear” phenomenon is huge. This is largely a good thing, and I think we do well to help alleviate the fear when possible. But I worry that it’s come to a point where women are getting the wrong message. They are getting the message that if they are feeling fear, they are doing something wrong. This could not be farther from the truth. I’d like to see more of an emphasis on helping women cope with fear, and less of an emphasis on eliminating fear.

Postpartum Doula with New MomCan I make a bit of a personal appeal here? My friend Kristy, who is a fellow doula I’ve known for over a decade, lost her home in a fire this week. (That’s her on the right there, with one of her postpartum doula clients.) She and her family (she has a newlywed daughter and son in law who have been living with her) could really use some financial help, as their insurance isn’t being all that helpful and they need to find a new place to live while they rebuild. There is a fundraiser for the family here, and if you put THG Match in the comments when you donate, The Healing Group – a local mental health resource for new moms, will match your donation. If you can help at all, please do.

Today’s video is not birth specific but is a good introduction to how to discuss concerns and questions with your doctor:

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