Wednesday Wrap Up | November 6

Weekly Web Links for the Childbearing YearYou would think someone who has been through medical school would know better….how NOT to hold a baby!

What a great example of the kind of nurse I hope all my clients get!

Dispelling common Myths about Midwives.

Interesting look at the gap between what the evidence – and the major professional organizations – say about VBAC and what individual women are hearing from their doctors as they explore the option of VBAC.

Which leads me to a question raised in this post: What is Dignity in Childbirth?

One thing that can be hard to really convey is that sometimes, a very nice, lovely person can be a bad match as a care provider for birth. So I loved the Well-Rounded Mama’s article “Nice is Not Enough”

Your funny for the day….Panicked Newborn Didn’t Realize Breathing Would be on the Apgar Test

One question I get asked frequently is if it is safe to sleep with your baby. I will refer to an expert on the topic, James McKenna: