Wednesday Wrap Up 10/23


An inspiring story of a mom who advocated for herself and made a difference when her care provider turned out to be a bad match for her birth plan.

Your Doula Bag is doing a month long blog event with doula articles every day in Oct. I liked this one on New Doula Jitters. Even after attending hundreds of births since 1999, I still sometimes get the jitters, but they always leave very soon after arriving at a birth.

Great list of things you can try for morning sickness.

And in case it actually is more than your run of the mill morning sickness: The HelpHer Foundation – Hyperemesis Education and Research. They have online support groups for women really struggling.

Not to toot my own horn, I have another blog over at Understanding Research, where I post links and information on research in the news. Currently, I’m sharing some links and information about the study making a splash in the news this week – the one on breast milk sharing. (OK, I admit it, that was totally tooting my own horn! Indulge me, please.)

Hey mom!One of my favorite local resources, The Healing Group, has a campaign for new moms called Hey Mom! – it is designed to help bring moms together and support each other. They have pinnable memes, ecards you can send to pick up a new mom, and links to a whole bunch of resources.

And because Halloween is next week… (NEXT WEEK! Yikes. How did that happen?)

Pregnant Pumpkin Carving Pattern, from Rixa Freeze’s blog “Stand and Deliver

A nice wrap up of the many, many birthing pumpkins making the rounds, courtesy of the Pregnant Chicken.

Some of these costumes are funny, some are just creepy! Maternity Halloween Costume Ideas

And just because it is fun….a little seasonal pregnancy announcement: