Wednesday Wrap-Up 10/16

WednesdayWrapUpBNice article on the concept of caveat emptor “let the buyer beware” – it is up to YOU to know what kind of care you are buying when you hire a doctor, midwife, doula, birth photographer, etc. Make sure you are asking good questions, getting references, and finding out if the service you are buying is a good fit with what you want.

I found this list of questions to ponder, consider, or journal after a traumatic birth to be very helpful. While I have not experienced a traumatic birth as the laboring mom, I have been with moms who have had difficult experiences, and even as a witness these things were helpful in processing.

Are tired of hearing about how celebrities “get their body back” after having a baby? (As if it wasn’t theirs all along….I could do a whole rant on THAT societal message alone!) I, too, am tired of the unrealistic expections. I really loved this article on how to REALLY get your body back. No diet or exercise needed!

I am a volunteer photographer for Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, an organization of professional photographers that provides free photography for families experiencing the loss of a newborn. Another local volunteer, my friend Abby Alger, won volunteer of the month this month! Abby works hard not only shooting for families, but also doing hospital inservices, coordinating calls and making sure other photographers are sent where there is a need. Go Abby!

One thing that is becoming more and more common is delaying the baby’s first bath so that the baby can get some of the benefits of the vernix, and better manage their own temperature before they get chilled in the bath. Not bathing the baby for at least 24 hours is even standard practice at the University of Utah hospital now. Here’s a great article explaining some of the benefits.

It might make you laugh, it might make you mad, it might very well do both, but you should check out My OB Said WHAT? Some seriously crazy things have come out of the mouths of providers! You can even submit your own.

Just had to share this lovely birth story by Calla Evans. This is a beautiful home water birth – I love the details captured: The affirmations, the belly cast, etc. And if the sweet ending doesn’t make you cry….

September 20, 2013 :: 2:09pm from Calla Evans on Vimeo.

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