Wednesday Wrap-up 10/2

WednesdayWrapUpASome safe sleeping tips for you and your baby, tips that will work for a variety of choices about where your baby will sleep.

Not all care providers are alike. And you can’t count on the initials after their name as a good way to judge whether or not the care is good. So I liked this article that gives Ten Care Provider Red Flags – ways you can get a clue that maybe this care provider is not a good fit for you.

You’ve got to see this to believe it. An “apparatus for facilitating the birth of a child by centrifugal force” – someone actually applied for a patent for this! As far as I know, in the 50 years since the patent was filed, no one has actually built one!

One of the things I do in prenatals is help women identify the coping skills that they already have and use, and figure out how to adapt those coping skills to birth. So naturally I loved this article on the same topic from Lamaze International’s Giving Birth With Confidence blog!

Any expectant mom thinking about induction, either medically or a DIY “natural induction” should read Aviva Romm’s article. It has a great discussion of the ethics of induction, women’s right to choose, natural methods, and birth stories.

Some really thought provoking infographics about pregnancy and birth, courtesy of the institute of medicine.

Today’s video is one that follows a topic close to my heart, research and evidence based care. An educational parody for your learning enjoyment:

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