Wednesday Wrap Up 9/25

Salt Lake City DoulaA new large scale analysis of the research shows that eating and drinking in labor is safe! Put simply in a quote from the article: “There is no evidence of any benefit to restricting what women eat and drink in labor.”

My friend Sharon Muza, a doula in the Seattle area, wrote this great article will of ideas for what kinds of foods to eat in labor.

Apparently I am not the only one to hear “My sister is going to be my doula…” or “I’m having my mother-in-law to be my doula” all the time. Bellies and Babies wrote a great article outlining what a professional doula can bring to your birth experience that a friend or family member cannot do. Consider a doula *and* your sister, mother-in-law, etc.

I love birth stories! Here’s a fun one, from Jill at Baby Rabies. It is nicely photographed and told with humor. (Also a good example of swearing as a pain coping technique) I totally want that shower….for my house!

I came across this GREAT four part series by Amy Hoyt on understanding the pelvis and optimal fetal positioning recently and loved how detailed it is, and how they have illustrated it so well.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Here is another resource that shows how to apply some of the concepts in the 4 part series above. It has embedded YouTube videos that can give you a better sense of how the system works.

Today’s video is a very cleverly done time lapse of a woman throughout pregnancy. I love how you can see her making forward progress as she walks!

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