Wednesday Wrap Up 9-18

A post reaching out for the desperate new mom who thinks she’s crazy alone. I agree that it is time to stop pretending we are fine and be more real with each other. Honesty leads to support. Hiding your emotions can contribute to depression. New moms can be more real, but the rest of the world needs to be willing to listen and accept and stop saying things like “You should just be happy….” when they do!

What every pregnant mom should know about your water breaking.

I’ve often thought that my classes are as much for partners as they are for the expectant moms. Maybe even more so! And this article Why I Freaked Out Because She Wanted a Natural Birth gives some insight into why classes are so important for them.

Great advice for caring for yourself postpartum. Read it while you’re pregnant and plan ahead. Even if you think you won’t need it. Even if you just KNOW you’ll “bounce back” – plan for rest, help and support!

I tell people all the time, you simply MUST look beyond the title and place of birth in choosing a good care provider. There are some home birth midwives I wouldn’t birth with if you paid me. There are some hospitals that do a bang-up job of natural birth. Not all are the same. I enjoyed this take on the same topic: Birth World Caricatures

Interesting chart of dropping circumcision rates.

Today’s video is a fun rap on breastfeeding, full of some good tips!

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