Wednesday Wrap Up 9-4

Roundup of great web linksWow, it is September already! Hard to believe.

I LOVED this article. Loved it immensely. I cannot tell you how many times I have told people that what I would choose or what I would do is irrelevant. That what worked for me, or my sister, or my client, might not work for you. And that just because (fill in the blank) didn’t work for your sister, your neighbor, or that stranger in the grocery store who cornered you and told you her horror story, doesn’t mean it won’t work for you!

One woman’s dream of an ideal hospital to birth in: Paradise Hospital What would YOUR “Paradise” birthing space look like?

Many women experience scary thoughts during postpartum. This is a great article on understanding why it happens and how to cope with it. The whole site is a good read as well, so don’t just stop at the article.

Midwife Thinking published a great review of amniotic fluid, what is normal and what is not.

This is one of my very favorite videos, ever. I used to own it on VHS – I need to see if I can buy the DVD for my classes. I would love to be able to show it again.

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