Wednesday Wrap Up 8/28

Web Links on Pregnancy, Childbirth, Postpartum and BreastfeedingPeople say the craziest things when they don’t understand something. And quite a few people don’t understand home birth. Here’s a list of 16 things NOT to say to a mom planning a home birth. One of my personal favorites was when I was discussing with a neighbor that I have attended home births. She said that her daughter in law was planning a home birth, and my neighbor was OK with that but did not understand one thing. “She lives in a split level house. How are they going to get the birth bed and fetal monitor up the stairs?”

Interesting look at the way pregnancy comes with so many, many rules, limits and taboos in our society. And how many of them simply don’t hold water under scrutiny. I may have to read the author’s book!

Powerful journal article about abuse in the hospital setting. While the vast majority of my experiences are positive, I have on several occasions witnessed treatment in the hospital that I would define as abusive. The huge imbalance of power in the relationship between the “patient” and the “medical authority”, combined with our cultural training to follow “doctor’s orders” is a situation ripe for problems. It’s not an easy read, but an important one for all moms, and particularly for all professionals who work with laboring women.

Maybe it is because I am a childbirth educator. Maybe it is because I’ve spent much of my life working hard to make my classes be a great resource and worth the time of those attending. But I just loved Robin’s list of 4 Reasons to Stop Dissing Childbirth Classes!

Today’s video is a promo for the upcoming Empowering Fearless Birth event. I am so excited by the amount of interest and buzz the last event created, and the upcoming event looks even better. I will be there as a vendor and also presenting a session on finding good information on the internet. If you are at all interested in birth as a parent, as a professional, or as someone who was once born, please come! I would love to have you stop by my vendor booth and say hello! (And enter to win a gift certificate…)

(Also you can see my booth from the March event at 5:02 in this video!)

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