Weekly Wrap-Up 8-21

Weekly Web Links for the Childbearing YearIt’s not at all unusual for even the most determined mom to say something along the lines of “I can’t do this any more, get me an epidural!” In fact in 14 years and hundreds of births, I can only remember ONE mom who never said anything like that. It’s a tough spot for a doula. I’ve got my tricks up my sleeve for helping moms get past that point, but I still enjoyed Jodi The Doula’s take on how to help moms at that point in labor.

An interesting theory about preterm labor….could disrupted sleep be one possible cause?

Interesting evidence connecting cesarean delivery with endometriosis.

An interesting – and fairly understandable – article on how to change the current health care system for cost savings AND better health outcomes. For an article that appears in JAMA, it is remarkably positive about midwifery and out of hospital birth.

This article led me to what looks like a great resource for moms who find out their baby is breech: MyBreechBaby.org

I loved this approach to supporting other moms: You’re Doing it Right.

Today’s video is a fun time lapse!

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