Wednesday Wrap Up 8/14

Great article on things to consider when deciding if older siblings should be present for the birth. I’ve attended births where older siblings were present, and they were great experiences for everyone. But that doesn’t mean it is the right choice for every family.

Loved this article on “Is your lactation consultant an impostor?”

I’ve posted the link to Jodi the Doula’s article “No More Free Births” before. I whole heartedly agree with her. Recently there has been a firestorm of criticism over the article, so Jodi posted an excellent follow up: “A Doula for Everyone

This article discusses something that many don’t talk about. Some doctors try to stitch up mom’s perineum after a tear or episiotomy in a way that is tighter than normal, in attempt to increase their partner’s sexual pleasure. However, this so called “husband stitch” creates a situation where mom is painfully and unnaturally sewn up. Just say no to the “husband stitch” or to any efforts to “tighten you up a little.”

And just for fun: 18 Valuable Lessons Stock Photography Taught Us About Parenting.

This 4 1/2 minute video is a fantastic explanation for why it is crucial to let your baby choose their own birth date, even if you develop S.T.O.P. Syndrome. (That’s “Sick & Tired Of Pregnancy Syndrome”). For more info on this topic, download this fact sheet.

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